So, there was this video…

You get some right funny videos on the internet, not THAT kind of video you understand, funny videos.

Whilst tootling around the net the other day my daughter in law found a really comical one that she thought would appeal to my ten year old grandson, basically she thought it was a little character similar to Mr Hankey the Christmas poo.. Until the moment the condom appeared that is.

So any way the upshot is she sent the video to us without showing it to the kids..

It really is very funny, kind of sick but funny.. We mailed her back saying her face must have been a picture.

Any way, the next morning we received an email from her that goes as follows…

“The very first sight of the peeping willy, yes my face did change! lol.

And sex education is looming on the horizon at school and molly asked me what sperm was this morning right as we  were leaving for school and Ty grabbed his bag and walked past Molly looking at her like she was some sort of div and said ‘it’s a whale dur’. Lol, lol.. I thought I was saved but have you met my daughter??? So the Spanish inquisition carried on in the car and they have obviously been talking about condoms cos that came up as  well.. And I’m thinking thanks Adam you get to stay at home with the one that just needs feeding and I’m stuck dying in the car with two ten year olds talking about sperm!

Molly’s like, ‘is it a seed?’ .. so they know it comes out of the willy now so at this point Ty’s face is changing rapidly imagining that he is gonna be popping seeds out of his willy, so I diffuse the situation by saying no, it’s kinda like er, um er a liquid, which doesn’t help because now Ty looks like he has cat shit in his mouth and dithering and repeating the word liquid while trying not to throw up the cat shit..

So, er, he’s ok, just not liking his willy at the moment.. lol….

Me however, I am still in the shower, scrubbing myself to death  with a wire brush including my mouth while trying to sing  nursery rhymes in between scrubbing and sobbing..”

Oh the joys of parenting..



About ladyfreebird750

Mother, grandmother, carer. Eyes now open and heart aching for the many suffering from the actions of the selfish pampered few.
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