Benefit cuts “will involve cuts to benefits” shocker

Benefit cuts “will involve cuts to benefits” shocker.


In years to come children will study this period of social history as the pivotal point in time in which society finally gave up any notion of empathy or compassion for those with the least in life.

At every turn the public is bombarded with more and more outrageous propaganda against the poor.. If Coronation street is sponsored by Compare the Meercat then surely Benefits street, Benefits and fat, thin, by the sea, How to get a council house ect is sponsored by the government.

Now we have a new threat, suddenly it’s not enough to get a job and work, now many hundreds of thousands have been labelled scroungers and lazy for taking employment that doesn’t pay enough to live on. Dammed if they do, dammed if they don’t.

Get a better job, stop poncing off the tax payer, they aren’t trying hard enough is the new mantra, Suddenly, as I have seen tonight on Facebook there is a charming gif doing the rounds about child tax credits being for the child, not for drugs and booze. Sweeping generalisations that stick in the minds of those with no experience or understanding. So there it is out there in the ether that people claiming tax credits are booze raddled junkies, Sound far fetched? Not at all.

Thanks to the government’s pre programming that has left many people believing all on ESA are swinging it, that everyone with a motability car has fiddled it, that everyone with a blue badge can jog a mile without stopping and let’s not forget that every single house lived in by a claimant has a 50″ flat screen TV, a cupboard full of Stella and the drug of choice on tap it is but a hop, skip and a jump for them to believe the worst of those at the lowest pay scale.

Next time they come will it be for you?


About ladyfreebird750

Mother, grandmother, carer. Eyes now open and heart aching for the many suffering from the actions of the selfish pampered few.
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