Fat shaming

Yesterday a programme about a set of remarkable young ladies aired. Plus sized wars explored the growing market of plus sized bloggers and their impact on the lives of girls with very low self esteem. It was a wonderful positive programme.

Sadly it has been totally overshadowed by the foolish throw away comments by Jamelia regarding the programme on Loose Women aired earlier in the day. Jamelia opinioned the thoughts that ‘morbidly obese’, in otherwise people over a size twenty should be made to feel uncomfortable about clothes shopping. just to balance the issue she also said size 0 women should struggle also.

In a week where the tragic death due to slimming pills of  a beautiful young girl is at the forefront of the news her comments are disingenuous at  best and dangerous at the worst.

We live in a society where image is everything, we are confronted with the media’s idea of perfection every where we turn. In truth even this perfection is heavily altered. Photoshop is the king. This unnatural flawless perfection impossible to attain is the cause of so much heartache and self loathing for so many. Blemish, fat and imperfection free these images cause so much damage to the most vulnerable. At one end of the scale bulimia and anorexia, at the other the morbidly obese, not just a label, every one a person no different to the ‘normal’ middle ground.

To say these people should feel in anyway marginalised as consumers in a world where they are already judged and found wanting is disgusting.

When Rubens painted his Junoesque beauties soft plump limbs were judged a thing of beauty and wealth.. Well fed and comfortable whereas the rail thin were the poorest in society, malnourished paupers. In modern times we are looking at the direct opposite.. sleek and slender is the sign of so called perfection and anything less or more is held up to distain.

People with weight issues don’t need to be told it is unhealthy, they know that already, low self esteem is a terrible, terrible thing. Jamelia’s unfortunate comments have done nothing to help those who already fight self loathing every day.


About ladyfreebird750

Mother, grandmother, carer. Eyes now open and heart aching for the many suffering from the actions of the selfish pampered few.
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