It Had To Happen. Soon You Could Face An In-Work Benefit Sanction … For Going To Work

It Had To Happen. Soon You Could Face An In-Work Benefit Sanction … For Going To Work.

So now not only is it a crime to be unemployed (shirker) chronically sick (faker) or a single parent (feckless breeder) now they are going to move the goal posts again and re-brand yet another group. This time it will be low paid workers (slackers) that will be made to jump through hoops.


Where will this leave the many thousands on zero hours contracts, the same contracts that the government tries so valiantly to persuade us that people want and enjoy?

What about those trying their hardest in areas where the economy is not really rising, in other words 98% of the country other than the few meters around Westminster. The self employed,  the many, many forced to take part time work because thirty nine hour contracts are almost obsolete?

What will happen to those not living around large centres of population, those living in rural areas where getting a part time job is a blessing, a full time one a miracle.

None of these questions will cause those running the DWP and their bosses to lose any sleep, they alone in the country will be sleeping the sleep of the comfortable whilst those who have up until now been touted as ‘hard working’ feel the same worries and insomnia of those who have felt the brunt of all the vindictive and spiteful plotting of the past five years.

About ladyfreebird750

Mother, grandmother, carer. Eyes now open and heart aching for the many suffering from the actions of the selfish pampered few.
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