Suicides reach a ten year high and are linked with welfare “reforms”

This is the secret shame of the UK..We are now living in a society where thanks to propaganda pieces such as Britain’s benefit tenants and any of the multitude of others all prefixed with Britain’s benefit….. Have created a nation that is riven with resentment for those with the least. The public gleefully latch onto the falsehood that as benefit rates are capped at twenty six thousand, then that is what goes into the claimant’s pocket.
Many even believe that people on benefits pay no utility bills, something that is completely wrong. The few that the cap is truly aimed at have done nothing but commit the heinous crime of living in London, in areas long associated with the lower paid that have suddenly become fashionable and therefore expensive. Hardly the fault of the low paid locals, yet suddenly they are supposed to up sticks and leave all they know both in home and community because suddenly they are in the wrong place.

The UK is finished as a society, we are living in a nation where too many selfish, self satisfied people who are all too happy to ignore the suffering of their neighbours because they believe they are all ‘on the fiddle’. Where Fred down the road suddenly becomes a consultant who can judge just by looking that his neighbour is swinging the lead to get a free ride and where the common assumption is as soon as you go onto benefits you instantly get the full sky package a 50″ tv and a drink, drug and smoking habit.

The reality is obviously polar opposite to this, it is a life where the choice is heat or eat, where more often than not parents go to bed with an empty stomach to ensure their children have eaten. Where bailiffs are an ever present threat because bills cannot completely be met.
It is a life where every day is filled with hopelessness, where brown envelopes bring the fear of hoops impossible to jump through and where taking away all support through sanctions is seen as an acceptable punishment by the majority who are quite happy to see people reduced to begging at food banks.

It is no wonder the number of people who choose to end their lives is rising. it is a national tragedy that the government refuse to even acknowledge.

Politics and Insights

Figures released in February by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) indicate that suicide rates, which had fallen consistently since 1981, are now at their highest in over a decade. It is primarily male suicides which have increased.

The figures for 2013 give a total of 6,233 deaths by suicide, 252 more than in 2012.

Suicide rates are highest in areas of high unemployment, with the north-east of England having the highest rate and London the lowest. Older males are now the most at risk, with 45-59 year olds having the highest rate.

The link between the welfare “reforms” and increased suicide risk has been highlighted by Mind, amongst other organisations. The charity has found that people with mental illnesses are having their benefits cut more than those with other kinds of illnesses.

There has been growing concern regarding how benefits are administered in relation to vulnerable individuals and last year…

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Mother, grandmother, carer. Eyes now open and heart aching for the many suffering from the actions of the selfish pampered few.
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