Is there anything less edifying than seeing someone so divorced from the reality of food poverty in the UK today than watching Baroness Jenkin on the television stating that people are hungry because they are not eating porridge but are eating sugary cereals.. obviously in her mind the life skills employed in creating the culinary delight that is porridge set’s her apart from those further down the evolutionary scale who can only just manage to pour a dash of milk onto their Coco puffs.

From personal experience I can say that porridge might be a wonderful breakfast if you have the luxury of choice but try having to eat it for tea because there is no money for a real meal. The time taken for that porridge to go from yum to yuk is negligible. For me, porridge will for ever be a symbol of poverty and deep unhappiness.

There is so much more involved in food poverty than the ability to cook, the sheer fact that in Great Britain in 2014 there are people who would not be able to cook the food even if they had it because they cannot afford to pay for the power to turn the cooker on is shameful.

After all we aren’t all able to claim £50,000 on expenses like her husband are we.

Or does Baroness Jenkin also think it is possible to enjoy uncooked porridge too?


About ladyfreebird750

Mother, grandmother, carer. Eyes now open and heart aching for the many suffering from the actions of the selfish pampered few.
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