Most Black Friday items damaged by the time people get home

Nothing would surprise me and I’m appalled enough by the behaviour to say serves them right if it did happen.

I can understand frantic scenes of panic when there is a natural disaster, poor, desperate, displaced souls fighting for sacks of rice.. But this isn’t a natural disaster, this isn’t hungry people desperate for food to feed their families.. This is the frantic greed of people who will grab and snatch and claw their way to consumer goods that have had their prices artificially manipulated make the masses believe they are getting a bargain…… Even if they didn’t realise they wanted said articles until someone else touched them first.

These are only bargains if the buyer would have bought them no matter what, to buy just because, which it seems so many did, is not grabbing a bargain, it is being rinsed by the stores who bank on the inherit greed of it’s customers.


Over 90% of the discounted Black Friday items bought today will be broken by the time people get home research has found. With people tussling over the items as they try and take them off the shelves, using them as battering rams so they can get to the tills and then engaging in a lengthy fight with a woman outside the shop who ‘saw it first’, most items are irreparably damaged by the time shoppers get home.

Londoner Ron Potts said, “I managed to get myself a discounted plasma TV. I’m so happy. Admittedly the screen got smashed in as a carried it out of the shop and someone had set fire to my car whilst I was in the store, but there’s nothing like grabbing yourself a bargain.”


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About ladyfreebird750

Mother, grandmother, carer. Eyes now open and heart aching for the many suffering from the actions of the selfish pampered few.
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