81 per cent of UKIP voters think Guy Fawkes ‘was probably Muslim’

As always irony is the biggest tool for shaming ignorance, something in high abundance at the moment.


Guy Fawkes was almost certainly a Muslim according to the vast majority of UKIP voters. As people around the country celebrate Bonfire Night by setting light to effigies of Fawkes and scaring dogs and cats with fireworks, 81% of people in a poll of UKIP supporters said they agree with the statement that ‘Guy Fawkes was probably a Muslim’.

UKIP supporters believe that Guy Fawkes, a leading protagonist among a group plotting to blow up the Houses of Parliament, was an Islamic Fundamentalist hoping to bring down Western capitalism.

A leading right-wing think tank, Thinkers, backed the views of UKIP supporters saying that they are probably right about Guy Fawkes. Guy Christian, Director of Thinkers, said, “This attack on the democratic freedoms of Britain by a group of religious fundamentalists can only have been conceived by Islamic fundamentalists. Fundamentalists have never existed among other religious groups.”

Londoner Ron Potts said, “Typical. I’m…

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