Birthday Cakes.

20141031_131735  1977028_10204337464569309_7787734418316985547_nThis week has been mostly about birthday cakes as Stacie has made two. One for a fiftieth and the other an eighteenth.  Both were a rich chocolate sponge and looked lovely when she had finished. The fiftieth was a challenge because in the middle of decorating it Stacie came down with a migraine. All things considered watching her working with her head on one side to ease the pain I am so amazed she managed to finish it. Although in the end I did the little cupcakes for her. (I wish I had her talent. lol)

The second, the eighteenth she finished yesterday, it’s a rather psychedelic little number based on The Yellow Submarine with it’s sea of green with a groovy multi coloured base and figure 18 and of course in pride of place a little yellow submarine.

As we didn’t have a box and didn’t manage to get out to pick one up we wracked our brains for a way of protecting it in transit. My sister said have you any cellophane and thankfully we did.

To be honest the end result was lovely turning it from a cake into a prettily wrapped gift complete with gold and silver ribbon. It is a nice touch I think.DSCF086920141031_131812


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Mother, grandmother, carer. Eyes now open and heart aching for the many suffering from the actions of the selfish pampered few.
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