INTERNET DATING PT8 chapter1 pt6

“This jack old boy is the big test”, he muttered to himself. one of his biggest regrets left over from the demise of his youthful marriage was that there had been no children. Although as time passed he had come to realise that in some ways that had been a blessing, he had not thought about missing out on fatherhood for many years. If he was to be truthful he would have to admit that he had in fact slightly relished his freedom as all his friends around him succumbed to the joy of nappies and baby sick.

but now with his forty third birthday looming large on the horizon he had come to realize that he had missed out on the other bits too.. The joy of hearing your child call you Daddy, the games of football in the back garden or the empowering feeling that you are your little girls hero.  now his friends children we all past the nap and crap stage he realized that he had in actual fact missed a lot.

Would a woman of his age even want to begin again? would she want babies? His babies? He glared at the now fast warming can of beer minding it’s own business on the coffee table in front of him.. “This is your fault you know, I came home looking forward to chilling out, Now look at me, you have made me join a singles club and kicked my body clock into action.. I’ll be blubbing at adverts with puppies in them next!”

The beer sat silently on the table and said nothing, as of course it wouldn’t….Being an inanimate object and all..


Jack looked up, “Ah, saved by my Mister Wong”, he exclaimed feeling more than just a tad relieved. “Perhaps I’ll feel different with something inside me. It’s only hunger pains after all………


About ladyfreebird750

Mother, grandmother, carer. Eyes now open and heart aching for the many suffering from the actions of the selfish pampered few.
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