At that moment on the other side of town Caroline Amy and Louise were taking a Gargoyle fatigue break. Unfortunately for single womankind the ratio of hunky firemen with a willingness to ply their hoses to grim little trolls was minimal at least. For every Adonis who had some how slipped under the dating radar there were fifty gruesome little buggers who should have in Amy’s opinion slipped under something else entirely..

“Like a bridge or a rock , or a paper bag.. Over their heads preferably”. She said despairingly.  “the thing I don’t understand, ” she continued, “is how these men can be so bugly ugly and yet still thin that they are the prize of the century..I mean I know looks aren’t everything but it does help if all your features look as if they are on the front of your face and not trying to sneak round the back of your head because they are embarrassed to be seen on it.!”

“Amy, you are so cruel. poor man, he wasn’t that bad”, chipped in Louise. she paused thoughtfully and in complete seriousness continued.. “Perhaps his mum dropped him as a baby you know, that would explain a lot..”

Caroline shook her head, “he used to be a boxer and by the state of his nose and ears not a very good one either.. Didn’t you catch all the references to his love life being on the ropes and how he was looking for a ‘knock out’ to date?

“Wow! exclaimed Louise, more than a little impressed by Caroline’s detective work. “You guessed he was a boxer just from those comments?”

“No silly, I read all of his profile. I’m not like you two, I want to see the mind as well as the face.. unfortunately his words were as gnarly and corny as his features but at least I did read them.”

She pushed the laptop away, picked up her wine and sat back on the sofa with a big sigh.

“You know the most telling thing I’ve noticed tonight doing this?” She paused and looked wistfully at her friends..”The whole topic of children.. How many men have we seen that actually list wanting a family as part of their criteria?  They seem to fall into two camps.. The been there and have done it already camp and the ones that seem to think having children and having the clap are on a par with each other. I know that wanting a child shouldn’t be the primary reason for looking for a man but it would be sensible to at least keep it in mind that we aren’t getting any younger. I want to have a family whilst I’m young enough that old ladies don’t look at them and say oh what lovely grand children you have.”

She looked sadly at her friends and in a hushed voice continued, “I would love to be able to say to you that it wouldn’t matter not having children if the man I fell in love with was the right one but I honestly don’t know. I’m not ambitious, I never have been you know that. It has never been a great priority to climb the career ladder. I don’t have that kind of drive.  But a family, that’s different. I had my dreams, I got married, I wanted babies. I WANTED the whole picture. ” Her eyes pooled with tears and she angrily knuckled them away..


And that is as far as I have got so far..If you have enjoyed reading please let me know.I really need a push to continue Caroline and Jack’s  story. Thank you for reading this far.x


About ladyfreebird750

Mother, grandmother, carer. Eyes now open and heart aching for the many suffering from the actions of the selfish pampered few.
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