“Well, this is different. I have never done this before so if I don’t do it right have pity on me”. he paused and looked back a the words he had just typed..Then pressed the back space, pursed his lips.. “too wimpy”, he decided.

He began again.. “Sitting here alone on a Friday night waiting for my savoir, mister Wong from the Taste Of The Orient to rescue me from the terrible fate of the soggy salad supper.. What I would really like is a Ms Right to save me from Mr Wong”  He re-read and nodded, enthusiasm building as the ideas began to flow. He thought for a moment and continued..

“Now I’ve got that dreadful pun out of the way and hopefully made you smile I’ll get to the difficult bit.. Well, here goes, as you can see from the above I’m tall and dark.. I wouldn’t like to finish the cliché because that is for you to decide not me. I’ve never had any one run screaming so I guess everything must be in the right place on my face. I enjoy good old fashioned humour, black and white comedies along with some one to giggle along at them with, it’s been a while since I have had that and I miss it.

I’m not a big fan of the great out doors but I am partial to a spot of walking on a Sunday afternoon…”

He frowned, it didn’t seem like the best sales pitch in the world but then he wasn’t a saes man.. Just a man at a loose end on a Friday night Waiting for his Mr Wong.

The temptation to big himself up a little was almost overwhelming but he resisted it..After all he reasoned with himself, for seventy two hours only it didn’t really matter if he wasn’t Mr Dynamic, did it.

PLEASE ADD A RECENT PHOTOGRAPH.. the screen ordered him, make it clear, full face is best and no nudity please..

“So that’s the one with me in the posing pouch out then”, Jack muttered to himself..He opened his picture file and quickly ran through the meagre few pictures he had of himself stored there. Which one would appeal the most?  He looked intently at the photographs, The face looking back at him was.. he searched for the word… just above ordinary. His innate honesty allowed for no false modesty.

He picked a snap from the previous summer, he had gone to the pub with a group of friends and one of the girls had taken snaps of them all. it was he had to admit, a good picture. Being dark he tanned easily and his thick, slightly wavy hair was caught  just slightly mussed up from the warm evening breeze. Smiling hazel eyes, a firm mouth with a full bottom lip.. Nice shirt opened a couple of buttons at the neck to reveal a tanned chest with crisp black curls , a la Sean Connery rather than king Kong.

He pressed select and the picture was loaded.  Ok, next page.. Ah, this looks interesting.

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR IN A DATE questioned the site.. please add in 200 words or less.

“Apart from the obvious?” he sniggered to himself, then settled down to think.

If he was completely honest with himself jack would have to admit he was lonely, it had been a while since he had had some one in his life for more than a couple of nights relief and a lot of years since he divorced his childhood sweetheart. Even though he didn’t miss his ex wife sometimes he had to admit that he did miss the whole sharing with someone aspect of being a couple and lord knows it would be nice to have someone to come home to at the end of a hard day. Someone who was interested in what he had done in that day and more importantly someone who would share their day with him too.. Just the little things people as a couple took far too often for granted but that someone alone would dearly love to share, even if they didn’t or couldn’t admit it even to themselves.

He shook himself, “Woah Jack, introspective or what?” placing his fingers (all two of them) on to the keyboard he began to type once more.

“I don’t have as such the perfect idea of the woman I would like to meet other than that someone with a happy nature, who is strong enough to stand alone but doesn’t want that all the time would be good. I don’t like stick insects or women who look like I would snap them in half if we hug.. Some one who is comfortable in their own skin. Some one who still believes in love and is willing to take a chance on it.

He nodded to himself, yup, that will do.. Next box.

LOOKS  In a column was a list of preferences, basically a tick chart that listed the specifics of what the lonely heart might feel desirable in their potential partner.

Hum.. Tricky.Jack didn’t think of himself as having a type as such, not in the rigid way of some men. he wasn’t a boob man or a bottom man, for him it was the whole woman that appealed but to put that, well would it seem as if he was just trying too hard to be clever? Too calculated even? He clicked on the first requirement.. and a list popped up.

AGE….. 18..90

HAIR ..Brunette, Blonde, Red, any…

EYES.. Blue, brown, green, any..

HEIGHT 3’……7′  any

CHILDREN.. Yes and they live at home.. No, would like some one day

The list went on asking religion, smoking preferences, hobbies.. A whole plethora of questions in fact..

By now jack was beginning to feel as if he was in a twenty five K marathon with no end in sight but determinedly he ploughed  on.

AGE.. Well, dating anyone young enough to be his daughter held no appeal, likewise dating his grandmother didn’t appeal either, so that was the top and bottom of the scale taken care of and out of the running. No, he wanted to meet some one around his own age if he was going to meet anyone.

He clicked the cursor over the thirty five to forty four marker, that’s about right he thought to himself.

He paused struck by a thought, somehow inexplicably this wasn’t a game any more. He wasn’t filling in this registration just to while away a few dull hours. some how, between listing his own statistics and clicking the age requirements for that potential Ms right a need he wasn’t even ready to acknowledge was coalescing into a desire to meet the girl of his dreams.

Suddenly he was eager to finish the registration process and begin delving into the wealth of potential mates that lay just beyond that final click of the mouse.

Jack had always appreciated women as individuals but to click the box stating ANY seemed to him to indicate a slight indifference to the choices offered so he clicked on to brunette simply because his first crush had long brown pig tails.

EYES.. Here he really didn’t have a preference at all, as long as they smiled more than frowned it didn’t matter what colour they were..

HEIGHT.  being tall himself he had no issue with tall women and although he didn’t think he would want his date to only come up to his knee caps height really wasn’t an issue, so once again he picked the middle range 5’2 -6′.

CHILDREN.. For a moment he took his fingers off the keys.. Children…


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Mother, grandmother, carer. Eyes now open and heart aching for the many suffering from the actions of the selfish pampered few.
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