INTERNET DATING part 6 chapter 1 part 4

As the song states, Woman needs Man, and man must have his mate.. And so it is that for every lonely woman searching then, as night follows day so her male counterpart must be out there somewhere. for every pot comes with a lid, the two just have to be matched up and married in the cupboard of life.

For some the match is easy, the search is short but for others the search is long and hard and although the romantic novel seems to portray only the yearnings of the female heart, the drive to find fulfilment in the arms of one woman drives a man just as hard.

If this wasn’t so, dating sites and singles clubs would be filled to the brim with single ladies only. But they aren’t.. They are far from it in fact.


Jack Peters unlocked the door to his home and walked through into the hallway, closing the door none too quietly behind him. He threw his keys into the dish on the hall table, removed his jacket and slung it over the banister. Running his hand over his six o’clock stubble he paused in the doorway of his kitchen.. Thought for a second, then wandered over to the refrigerator.

He pulled open the door and peered inside.. “what culinary treats have I got tonight?” he thought to himself forgetting that he had been supposed to do a food shop on the way home. A wilted lettuce, two wizened up tomatoes and a dry lump of cheese stared forlornly back at him.

“Oh bugger” he muttered to himself, “I only need a couple of eggs and I’ll be the sad prat on the egg advert”. He sighed, “Well”, he said to the lone can of beer hiding behind the lettuce, “it looks like it’s you , me and a number seventy three tonight old chap.”

The beer just sat in the fridge looking at him saying nothing, as inanimate objects are wont to do, so jack reached in and grasped the beer, closing the door with a snap on the offending lettuce inside.

he puttled into the living room, grabbed the telephone and quickly dialled the number that by necessity he knew off by heart. Ah, the Take Away, the saviour of the single man. Always there to spread it’s warm comfort to the hungry and hopeless in the kitchen… And this one even delivered.

“Hah” thought jack, “result.”

Whilst he was waiting for the food to arrive he turned his lap top on and amongst the usual adverts and trailers that accompanied the powering up of the machine  was an advert for a dating agency..

     LOVE IS BUT A CLICK AWAY    It pronounced, Get your first Seventy two hours free…

There was the usual picture of a couple googoo eyeing each other and usually jack would have clicked the cross and moved across to his emails, but tonight something made him pause, cursor hovering over the  X.. He sat down on the sofa, lap top perched on his knee and took a slug of the ice cold beer..The little window seemed to wink at him, Calling… “Helooo, come open me.. I’m full of ladies.. you know you want tooooooo…”

Jack read the name of the site.. LOVELORN LONLY AND LOOKING..

What sort of wet name is that? He read the blurb again… “Humm”, he muttered out loud. seventy two hours free, that’s a lot of looking time.

He brought the cursor up to the ‘click to join here square, paused for a second more, then pressed the mouse pad. Click… The screen opened and extended. He looked at the opened page.. “Bloody hell, they don’t want to know much do they.”  In front of him was a vast array of questions beginning with the standard.. name, age,

COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE.. “Well that;’s not too bad,” he muttered to himself as he filled in the relevant details..

NAME… Jack Peters

AGE.. 42

“Ok,” he breathed, next page.. “Oh hell!” he stared aghast at the new page.. height, hair colour, eyes, smoker or non smoker.. the list went on and on..

He began to type again..



EYES Hazel

SMOKER. No.. “Definitely not” he muttered.


“Aaaaaahhhh, what to put?”

Jack pondered the demand for a few moments then placed his fingers, (all two of them, typing wasn’t really his forte) on the keys and began to type…..


About ladyfreebird750

Mother, grandmother, carer. Eyes now open and heart aching for the many suffering from the actions of the selfish pampered few.
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