INTERNET DATING Part 4 Chapter 1 pt2

Caroline pursed her lips thoughtfully and took a large sip of wine. “Well, I have to say my favourite kind of man is a single father, there is something so sexy about a man bringing up his kids on his own. I don’t know what it is, perhaps it is because it is the complete opposite to what is seen to be the normal order of things but the fact that a father is all man yet at the same time is a nurturer does it for me every time. .. I don’t like skinny men, love dark hair and I’m not adverse to a couple of strategically placed tattoos. Love a furry chest, not at all keen on drinkers or beer bellies that grow whilst drinking all that beer, nice teeth and smile oh, and yes Amy’s right a nice firm bum is a must… Where possible anyway.”

Whilst Caroline was talking up her wish list Louise was busy typing… She paused…

“could you be the man of my dreams? Do you enjoy the above and want someone to share them with? I’d like to share your dreams with you.. If you are deep enough to see past the external to the internal heart, if you are aged between thirty three and forty six and you want more from life than a dolly bird then I might just be the woman you are searching for”.  She took her fingers off the keyboard and leaned back..”Well girlies, what do you think?”

“I think  wow! that is absolutely bloody fantastic. You make me sound exciting yet not dangerous all in a single paragraph. Kind of hot yet cool, if you see what I mean.” Caroline re-read the words flickering away on the lap top screen. “Are you really sure that sounds like me?”

Amy and Louise both nodded then Amy picked up the camera. “come on, strike a pose, remember not porn star and not Sunday school teacher either, something in between”.

CLICK,   CLICK,   CLICK. Amy took three photographs in quick succession then passed the camera over for inspection.

“I really hate having my photo taken, I’ve never been photogenic.. Just look at that one.. Nasty.. ” Caroline grumbled.

“This one is ok, at least you aren’t squinting.” Amy said as she attached the photo to the profile in the space provided by  Lovelorn Lonely and looking, the on line dating firm that Caroline had found on the internet.

Caroline looked at the picture Amy had chosen, trying to view it objectively. The face looking back at her wasn’t that bad actually, really she was wearing quite well considering the big Four O was looming. As the profile said she had long, dark brown hair, the buzz word for which she had read in one of the glossies was ‘Stravy’ A combination of straight and wavy.. dreadful , silly word she thought to her self. If Caroline had one vanity it was her hair. thick and shiny and in her opinion her best feature, it hung past her shoulder blades and made her feel rather decadent. Warm velvet brown eyes always ready to crinkle into a smile or a flirtatious albeit unconscious lift of the eyebrow..No dreaded crows feet, not yet anyway. she touched her nose, whilst it wasn’t the daintiest in the world it didn’t roam all over her face in a manner that would frighten small babies in their prams either.. Nice even teeth.. and they were all her own. Not a cap or crown in sight.. always a bonus.

Her biggest disappointment were her lips, they weren’t pouty enough for Caroline’s liking, she had always wanted them to be a little fuller. Not suction pad pouty but a little more oompf would have been nice. As for her figure, the bonus of having as Louise had said, “more curves than an F1 track” was that she had dimples in her cheeks that gave her a slightly mischievous look, though not in a creepy over grown Shirley Temple kind of way.

Not in any way drop dead gorgeous but not in any way, shape or form Edna the Troll woman either.

She took a deep breath, “Ok, here goes nothing. God I hope I’m not making a huge mistake..Why did I let you guys talk me into this?”

She nodded to Amy and with one last decisive click her details were logged onto the dating site.


“How are we going to approach this, are we going random or methodical? ” Questioned Louise as all  three women once again huddled closer to the screen. “It’s rather exciting isn’t it, I mean just think.. There are hundreds of men just waiting for you to give them a nudge. It’s like getting a free pass to the sweet shop and being able to help yourself to what ever you want…. Any time and as often as you want.”

“Just remember, too many sweets can make you feel nauseous, it’s best to practice moderation in all things. “Intoned Caroline pompously.

“Yeah right” scoffed Amy, “come on woman push that button, it’s time to go on the man hunt.”

Caroline did as she was instructed and after a second page after page of faces and profiles appeared on the screen.

Once again there was silence for long seconds as they gazed at the  first page on the screen.

“Shall we go for faces first and then read the profiles or just have a quick buzz through to see what’s about?” Asked Louise.

“Caro should choose, it’s her shout after all”, replied Amy.

“Let’s be methodical then, start at the top and work our way down, that way we won’t miss the potential Mr. Perfect”, decided Caroline.”Here we go!”

“OH Lordy, will you look at that” muttered Amy awestruck. “When you sent your profile did you slip in that you wanted a man with movie star looks?”

“Let me see, budge over a bit” prodded Louise eagerly, “Where are you looking? Have you found George Clooney? he’s single you know.”she sighed dreamily, “and so lush”. She squinted at the screen, “where are you looking?”

Amy pointed at the picture in front of them.. “There you go…….What do you think? is he or is he not the dead spit of the hero of that film…… You know, Green, best friend’s a Donkey..need I say more?”

“Ah definitely not Gorgeous George then. Darn it.. Poor man, I wonder how many people have looked at him and wondered why he looks so familiar with out being able to place him? ” Pondered Caroline.


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