In reality the net is the modern mating arena, where the participants are able to strut their proverbial stuff in the privacy of their own home. an intimate world where personality, wit and a fast typing finger count for something and unless you photograph like Bella Lugosi at a Halloween party there is bound to be some one who finds you attractive.

The beauty of searching for friendship and hopefully love on the net is that suddenly the area available is opened up massively. From a trip down the local all at once the person sharing information and life histories could be American, French or Russian. Although, unless you possess the spirit of a pioneer , or are just looking for pen friends in another country maybe it is best to stick to someone closer to home.  after all, if you find your Mr. right there is more chance of arranging a date with Frank up the road than Franz in Germany.

It is more than possible that as you sit with fingers poised over the keyboard that somewhere in the world is the perfect mate waiting to woo and be wooed. Rich and successful or the  ordinary Joe, from all denominations and all walks of life. All with the same goal, to meet and share thoughts with people wanting to connect, to be enriched in some small way.  To have their world opened up, enlarged. In essence to have a global community in the comfort of one’s own living room.

thanks to the plethora of dating sites that have blossomed on line all being fed by a steady and ever expanding stream of hopeful hearts searching for fulfilment. For the ONE that will complete their lives.

At the touch of a button the lovelorn have at their fingertips page after page of faces, each one seeming to say, “Pick me, read my words then see for your self just how good I would be for you”.

For some the first person they chat to is that one, the melding of intellects and ideas is an instant thing, a perfect fit from the first word typed or that first snappy profile.

For others the search is harder, for although most people are genuine, as in the so called real world there are predators, online scammers lurking, waiting to trap the unwary, the kind hearted or innocent, ready to feed them a sob story. Wanting only to fleece and cheat those looking for love. For that is when we tend to let our guard down, when the need for love and to be loved makes us as a species most vulnerable, more open to the manipulations of the skilled con artist, who knows just which buttons to press to obtain their goal. Sadly it is not love that these scammers desire but money. Far from being ‘the one’ their hapless victims are more likely to be one of many. Perhaps the safest way to approach the whole concept of looking for love on the net is to keep a tight reign on any wild flurries of emotive excitement and more importantly take any outpourings of undying love and devotion with a small pinch of salt until that love can  be proven.

So who are these new age pioneers? These people waiting for the flashing “you got mail” icon… How do they stumble into each other and at what point does that online chat become more intimate, from “Hi, how are you?” to “I love you”.

If the net could tell us it’s secrets, to speak of the trysts , the need and the passion that is sent winging over invisible wires throughout the world what would it say? Would it blush at the intimacy, the sensual and graphic use of the written word that stands as a proxy for desire kept apart by the separation of miles?

If it was possible to tap into the lives and thoughts of some of these people, to listen in, read their thoughts and follow them in their search for love, to travel with them on their journey to find that ultimate fulfilment, what would we learn?


About ladyfreebird750

Mother, grandmother, carer. Eyes now open and heart aching for the many suffering from the actions of the selfish pampered few.
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