Internet dating, two words that conjure up an image of the lonely and somehow unwanted in society, desperately tapping away at the computer keyboard to other lonely and somehow unwanted souls.

We have a preformed opinion that these people must be odd balls, that they must have glaring faults that make them unfit for the norm, the regular cattle market atmosphere of the pub or nightclub, where men congregate in huddles scoping out the women as they enter, like a pack of hungry predators watching a herd of Antelope at the local waterhole. Wanting nothing but mini skirted perfection to mate and date, picking out the rotund or not so fair of face as being totally unacceptable of receiving even a nanno second of their precious time.

At the local pub the chances of meeting your soul mate are pretty remote, go out mid week and the only men at the bar have probably been there so long they have worn a groove where their beer arm has been resting.. Friday night is also dodgy..Or is it just that the more dodgy men appear at the end of the working week?

They come in a multitude of guises. the ‘Hope the white band on my ring finger doesn’t show in this light’ type or worse that that the ‘I’m separated the wife’s a frigid harpy and I sleep in the spare room with the dog/ cat/ gerbil’ kind of man. The latter usually sporting a comb over, paunch and an unwavering confidence and belief that they are love gods sent to drive mortal women wild with desire.

Sadly that only leaves Saturday night, when any male even remotely human in his actions and deeds has a partner clamped firmly to his side primed and ready to repel all boarders that might cast hungry eyes over their man.

So, where can love be found in these rushed days of fast living and throw away loving? Has the desire for a white knight to sweep you off your feet or a princess to worship and adore ever been so unobtainable?

The fundamental need of all beings is to find the other half of themselves, the one special person that validates their existence and as our world grows ever smaller our ability to reach out to that person grows ever easier with the emergence of the internet as a tool of communication.


About ladyfreebird750

Mother, grandmother, carer. Eyes now open and heart aching for the many suffering from the actions of the selfish pampered few.
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