As I approach 50..

Time marches on with relentless and unstoppable power. In my mind I am still a young child, to my family of aging Aunts and uncles I suppose I still am seen as young. When I look in the mirror I see  am blessed to be un wrinkled, the skin might not be as bright as it was but at least I haven’t gone the way of an apple left too long in the fruit bowl of life.

My hair was always going to be white, I started going grey when I was sixteen.. For the last two years I have decided not to  colour it and to instead embrace the silver..

No, the one thing more than anything that screams to me woman you are ageing is I seem to have turned into a cat magnet over night. We have four cats, Lola the oldest and the absolute font of all fur is almost thirteen, she is a pleasantly plump Tortoiseshell.. Anabel and Albert .. the twins are nearly eleven and are Lola’s grandchildren Ana is a black tortie and Bertie is beige.. Lastly we have Tabitha.. Anabel’s baby. Tabs is coming up for ten and is a long haired tabby…

This could be seen by many as being more than enough cats for one house but we also have guests..

Suddenly my furry visitors seem to be conspiring to turn me into the crazy cat lady in the street.. today alone we have been visited by Toby, a big un done grey and white, Smokie the long haired grey from four doors down… Miss Slinky, the impossibly tiny little cat that is obviously a nursing mother and then tonight we were visited by a very vocal long haired tabby tom..

I’m beginning to think it isn’t only dogs who have a ‘twilight bark’.. Perhaps cats have a grub station yowl… Calling all felines, munch this way mew mew..

As if that wasn’t enough we are also the stopping point for it sometimes seems like all the nesting Mallards in the village. largest count was forty two ducklings spread over five mothers.. ImageWe put out a small cat tray and keep it filled for the babies to swim in.. they love it.

We also have a gang of drakes perhaps they are last years babies that aren’t brave enough to find a mate as they don’t seem at all interested in the girls.. to start off we had three, Porthos Athos and Aramis, then suddenly one day a forth appeared.. Well it stood to reason that he had to be D’Artagnan  didn’t it.. A young duck off to seek fame and fortune bands together with a group of three sophisticated drakes who spend the day chilling by dock leaves and pulling feathers out of any other duck who gets too close to the seed…


About ladyfreebird750

Mother, grandmother, carer. Eyes now open and heart aching for the many suffering from the actions of the selfish pampered few.
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