#Grenfell survivor ‘only passed 8 people on stairs all the way from upper floor’


The SKWAWKBOX had a long and traumatic conversation this evening with a businesswoman based near Grenfell Tower who has friends and employees affected by the terrible fire and has been working to provide support and shelter to them and others.

The woman, who wanted her information to be told but asked not to be identified, told this blog about families who survived and those that didn’t, about the contribution of police and council staff or the lack of it – and about fears that the real death toll could be even higher than the 150-200 that music stars Lily Allen and Saskilla told reporters about.

Her own words, unadorned apart from the removal of names and floor numbers, follow:

There are two children that we know really well who were in the block. One family got out, the father was able to shield their little girl and thank God…

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Video: Govt “puts ‘D-notice’ gag” on real #Grenfell death toll #nationalsecurity


This morning, Grime artist Saskilla told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire programme that he had been told personally by one of the firefighters at Grenfell Tower that around two hundred bodies had already been identified at the scene of the terrifying blaze. The presenter attempted to pour water on the figure, but the musician insisted it was what he was told in person by the firefighter.

Last night, music star Lily Allen was pulled from an appearance on the BBC’s Newsnight after making similar comments and accusing the government of trying to ‘micromanage people’s grieving’:

Ms Allen was pilloried in the media. The confirmed death toll has increased incrementally since the fire and today rose to thirty.

At the same time, multiple sources told the SKWAWKBOX that the government has placed a ‘D-notice’ (sometimes called a ‘DA Notice’) on the real number of deaths in the blaze:

dnotice.pngIn effect, although…

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London’s fire engines sold off to old Etonian for just £2 (not satire!)

There are times I feel we are living through a bad satirical play.. One written by the Python team in a joint effort with Spike Milligan. Every new fact learned, every shocking oversight, seems to draw us further from any semblance of sensible reality…

Pride's Purge

(Not satire – it’s the UK today!)

The most amazing thing about London’s fire engines being sold off for £2 to a firm run by just one man* – a fellow old Etonian of David Cameron and Boris Johnson – is how nobody seems all that bothered by it.

Maybe most people haven’t heard about it.

Maybe people have got so used to our country being turned into some kind of banana republic, where everything’s owned by the leader’s circle of friends, that they don’t think it’s news worthy any more.

Or maybe people just don’t care about what happens to our essential services like fire, police, health?

I don’t know. But, maybe it should be repeated just one more time, just in case it’s the first reason.

London’s fleet of fire engines have been sold off to a private company for just £2. The company was only created one month…

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So. You want me to be happy?

So powerful.

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So, there was this video…

You get some right funny videos on the internet, not THAT kind of video you understand, funny videos.

Whilst tootling around the net the other day my daughter in law found a really comical one that she thought would appeal to my ten year old grandson, basically she thought it was a little character similar to Mr Hankey the Christmas poo.. Until the moment the condom appeared that is.

So any way the upshot is she sent the video to us without showing it to the kids..

It really is very funny, kind of sick but funny.. We mailed her back saying her face must have been a picture.

Any way, the next morning we received an email from her that goes as follows…

“The very first sight of the peeping willy, yes my face did change! lol.

And sex education is looming on the horizon at school and molly asked me what sperm was this morning right as we  were leaving for school and Ty grabbed his bag and walked past Molly looking at her like she was some sort of div and said ‘it’s a whale dur’. Lol, lol.. I thought I was saved but have you met my daughter??? So the Spanish inquisition carried on in the car and they have obviously been talking about condoms cos that came up as  well.. And I’m thinking thanks Adam you get to stay at home with the one that just needs feeding and I’m stuck dying in the car with two ten year olds talking about sperm!

Molly’s like, ‘is it a seed?’ .. so they know it comes out of the willy now so at this point Ty’s face is changing rapidly imagining that he is gonna be popping seeds out of his willy, so I diffuse the situation by saying no, it’s kinda like er, um er a liquid, which doesn’t help because now Ty looks like he has cat shit in his mouth and dithering and repeating the word liquid while trying not to throw up the cat shit..

So, er, he’s ok, just not liking his willy at the moment.. lol….

Me however, I am still in the shower, scrubbing myself to death  with a wire brush including my mouth while trying to sing  nursery rhymes in between scrubbing and sobbing..”

Oh the joys of parenting..


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A black day for disabled people – disability benefit cuts enforced by government despite widespread opposition

“The fact is that Ministers are looking for large savings at the expense of the poorest and most vulnerable. That was not made clear in the general election campaign; then, the Prime Minister said …

Source: A black day for disabled people – disability benefit cuts enforced by government despite widespread opposition

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G4S are employing Cognitive Behavioural Therapists to deliver “get to work therapy”

Background Last April, more than 400 psychologists, counsellors and academics signed an open letter condemning the profoundly disturbing psychological implications of the  government’s austerity an…

Source: G4S are employing Cognitive Behavioural Therapists to deliver “get to work therapy”

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